Pursue Your Dreams

But don’t be surprised if you don’t get them.


Well that sounds harsh…….. yet it is true.


Years ago I had someone tell me I may not achieve my dreams. And I gotta admit, it really bummed me out. The problem was, at the time I was not thinking about the long game.


I was thinking NOW.


As we evolve and grow, our dreams and desires will also. What we think we want now, may change over time. We may realize that dream was for the person we were then. Not now.


Even if we achieve our dreams, we will celebrate the moment and then seek out new dreams. We will not rest. The person we became to achieve that dream will want to pursue more. You can’t achieve without growth.


So why even pursue our dreams now if the future is uncertain or not as eternally satisfying as we think it will be?


Because the pursuit IS the reward. And we receive the reward when we seek wisdom. Wisdom is the greatest treasure the universe can give us. Seek wisdom, and all your dreams will come true. The universe will make sure of that.


I thank all the people in my life that inspired me to create 5 Simple Steps For Writing A Creative Song And Using It As A Gift. I hope it inspires you and that you learn something from those that inspired me with their wisdom.

5 Simple Steps

For Writing a Creative Song & Using it as a Gift

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