Is It Good Enough?

Is it good enough? The magical question every creator asks themselves. The answer is………it depends.


Is it for a sale? If so, all available resources should be utilized to make it the best product possible. You should enjoy the creative journey, and give your customers what they want. It must be a win/win. Is it for personal, not for profit use? Then you should be happy and proud of what you created. You are your own customer.


What’s the difference between the two?


When you create for others in a sales setting, what you give is a final product (unless you offer another version AND they opt to invest more of their time to listen to it again- that is the ultimate goal, a deep enough relationship with your community to where everything can be new, fresh). You want the final product to be the best it can possibly be and enjoyed by your customers.


When you create for yourself (or a loved one), you can reimagine it everyday if you want. As long as you or your loved one likes it, you can keep changing it up to a new version. It can always be fresh, new, ALIVE. Or you can record it once and leave it alone.


I’m re-recording the vocals for an original I wrote to honor Jimmy Buffett, “Ocean Rise Gulf Set”. I liked the original. I really like the new melody I came up with. There is unlimited creative freedom when you create for yourself or a loved one. It is powerful and freeing. No worry of expectations.


Whatever course you choose, LOVE it with all your heart and realize it is a life journey. In both cases, a lack of authenticity and failure to “keep it real” can make the journey miserable. And it is all about connection. To your art and your community. Give yourself grace if needed, and start over.


Remember, life long journey.


“Why be creative?” you may be asking…


We are all born creative. If you could reduce the stress and anxiety in your life by re-harnessing your natural creative abilities, why would you NOT do it?




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