Age can be your creative weapon

You know the story. Creator “X” puts out their best work in their early years. Over time the quality of their work decreases. That’s just how it is, right?




What about the people that create amazing work their whole lives. Or the late bloomers that put forth their best work in their 60’s, 70’s, or even 80’s. Why don’t we hear of them more?


Because it’s the negative thoughts that we tend to gravitate to. It’s the negative things people like to talk about. As a human, it is one of the ancient defensive traits that has been hardwired in our brains. It kept us alive in prehistoric times, and has been with us since.


So how do we overcome these negative expectations we flood our minds with (due to the world dumping them on us)? How do we keep it fresh? How do we become the creator that keeps creating amazing work?


We add more wires to the hardware. We keep learning. We keep growing. We keep stretching. We get real with ourselves.


The person that does this will never run out of creativity. Childlike wonder is a state of mind, not an age.


Add that to your years of experience, and you will be unstoppable.




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