My Story

Do you know what the biggest challenge is when writing a song?

Hi, I’m Mike

I Teach Midlife Adults How To Write Songs From The Heart For The Ones They Love. But first Let’s Go Back A Few Years…

My journey with music started as a young boy listening to 45’s (ya know, those little vinyl frisbees) in my Grandma’s basement. The warm, soft sounds of the Beach boys started a lifelong affection that grows more every day. Those were the first moments when music really touched me to the core.


In my teens it was all about fun, partying, girls, and loud music. I remember that warm spring day in my teen years when a wild looking wild eyed long haired dude went flying by me on the highway while I was blasting Led Zeppelin thru my 6×9 Jensen speakers in my 71 Camaro. All I can remember was him screaming “Yea Man !!!!” in no doubt approval of my “it’s a great day to rock out and be wild” attitude.

That was another moment that really hit home for me on how music can move the heart and soul.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get my first guitar until I was 19 and in the Navy.

That guitar went with me on my first 6 month deployment at sea. I endlessly practiced the beginning of GnR’s My Michelle, no doubt driving my bunk mates insane. After the Navy life happened. Marriage, job, partying, bills, life, and more bills. I was in my early twenties and my beautiful bride and I were still pretty wild.


It was a few years later that I would meet my uncle Brian, who is also a musician. He suggested I take guitar lessons from one of his childhood friends, the late great Charlie O’Neill. 

It was through Charlie that I learned how to open my heart so the music could flow out naturally and I could create as my true, authentic self.

It Was Also From Charlie That I Learned The Importance Of Community And True Musicianship.

After several years of working a job I was really beginning to loathe, I pulled the trigger on making music my full-time career. As someone who has written songs their whole life and loves the multi-layers of creating music, I pursued a career in songwriting, publishing, producing and music licensing. I figured one of those had to click for me, it just made sense.


Later in life I would find out that success has nothing to do with common sense but everything to do with vision, ambition, and emotion.


After a year and a half of spinning my proverbial 8 track wheels, I picked up another job out of financial necessity.


That was a very low point in my life. 


I felt like a failure and that there was no way I could fulfill my dreams of having a profitable career in music.


I also felt like I let my family down.


It was not long after that that I took a huge leap of faith and recommitted to a journey of personal growth.


Little did I know that my journey of personal growth never stopped, I just had to get out of the mud and back on the highroad.

As I was challenged more and more and continued to grow I was finding proof in my life of my true power. 

I also learned that the people that love you the most will challenge you the most, for those of the people that really care about you and want to see you grow. 

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