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5 Simple Steps

For Writing a Creative Song & Using it as a Gift

Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll have a unique and heartfelt gift that your loved one will cherish forever

You are Creative, Ambitious, and Fun Loving

But maintaining your responsibilities AND having creative time for yourself is getting harder and harder as you get older……… 

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I know exactly how you feel

I was there before. I learned that the past does not govern our future or our actions today. I can help you fire up your creativity, bring more ease and joy back into your life, and have fun doing it starting NOW.


Mike Cid

I am a songwriter, composer, and music publisher.

I work with busy, creative, mid-life adults who are stressed out and longing for more fun and relaxation in their lives.

I help my clients maintain or enhance their current lifestyle and bring the joy of creating back into their lives.

I help people tap into their natural rhythm to create something unique and special for the ones they love.

Through the power of music they learn how to fire up their creative soul and bring joy back into their lives.

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Music is in your soul. From the day of your creation, the steady beat of your Mothers heart set the tone for the stories to come in your life. Let’s take those special moments from the past and transform them into your song.

Signature Program

Learn How to Create the Soundtrack of Your Life

This signature program is created for musicians and individuals who wants to create unique songs and gift them to their loved once.

The program covers:

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Benefits of writing a song to a loved one

Expression of Emotion

Music is a powerful medium for expressing emotions and feelings. Writing a song allows you to convey your deepest emotions in a heartfelt and creative way. It can be a cathartic experience, allowing you to express love, gratitude, longing, or any other emotions you may have for your loved one.

Personalized & Unique Gifts

A song written specifically for someone is a personalized and unique gift that shows thoughtfulness and effort. It demonstrates that you have taken the time to craft something meaningful, tailored to your loved one’s personality and the special bond you share. Such a gift can have a profound impact and be treasured for a lifetime.

Communication of Love & Appreciation

Through a song, you can communicate your love and appreciation for your loved one in a way that words alone may not capture. The combination of melody, lyrics, and your personal touch can touch their heart and create a lasting memory. It allows you to express the depth of your feelings in a creative and heartfelt manner.

Strengthening the Bond

Writing a song for a loved one can deepen your connection and strengthen the bond you share. It shows your commitment and dedication to the relationship, making your loved one feel valued and cherished. The act of sharing your creation can foster a sense of intimacy and understanding between you, creating a lasting impact on your relationship.

Creative Self-expression

Songwriting is a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself artistically. It gives you the opportunity to explore your musical talents, experiment with melodies, and play with words to create something beautiful. Writing a song for a loved one can unleash your creativity and provide a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Lasting Memory

A song has the power to create lasting memories. When you write a song for a loved one, you provide them with a memento that can be revisited and cherished throughout the years. Each time they hear the song, it can evoke powerful emotions and transport them back to the time and place when it was first shared, creating a beautiful and enduring memory.

Music is the Universal Language

Let the love in your heart write the song for that special person in your life