It’s perfect as it is…….

Why do we create anything? Is it just random thoughts being born into something physical (or non-physical)? Does it have a purpose? Does it have value?


Why even create anything? Sounds like a lot of work. Or does it have deeper value than what appears on the surface. In our Facebook group, Our Creative Community, ( see you there for stress relief, music, fun, and kitties!!) I challenged myself to perform 21 lives in a row of different songs.


Why? For the fun, joy, and stress relief of it. It also helped me to re-discover the excitement of doing something different.


Feel like you are in a rut? Do something creatively different. And to not take myself so seriously (I still struggle with that sometimes). No ones keeping score. Just do it. Whatever “IT” is. And love yourself for doing it.


For more inspiration, check out the blog/vlog page for musical mayhem and occasional kitty krazyness and then dive into the 5 step songwriting program to create YOUR song.




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