When it’s more…………

Then just an “idea”, or a “good thought”, or something that would be “nice” if it could happen, you know the switch has been flipped. 


When it’s something that puts fire in your heart and soul and you see the “big picture” clear as day. When you see the road to achieve your goal and the work is a given, not a negotiable or something you dread. When you know it’s gonna happen, yet not exactly sure when, and the timing does not matter. You are in it for the duration.


How do you know when the calling has found you?


You just do. The universe will keep giving you clues until you surrender to the calling. Not just a few clues. MANY clues. Just so you know it’s totally legit.


Thing of it is, you have to be in the game of life to receive these clues. How that develops looks different for everybody. The one commonality is this. Your life experiences make you think. And grow wiser. And open the doors to possibility. 

If you have had one of these moments, I invite you to check out my free course 5 Simple Steps For Writing A Creative Song and Using It As A Gift. It could be the creative start to something wonderful and lasting.



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